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Tangiers to Rabat

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Morrocco

Russell writes

We managed to grab a few internet minutes while waiting for our Mauritanian visas to be processed in Rabat. Both the bikes and ourselves are doing well, except we still have the snot! We were looking for somewhere to stay in Rabat, being a bit lost in a busy market sat on our bikes, Akim, a French/Moroccan doctor offered to put us up in his rented riad. He even bought us wine and fed us, amazing generosity, humbling and challenging – brilliant!


Posted: November 1, 2010 in Africa Orbital, Spain

Darren writes

After a great party and fantastic sending off on Sunday weve done our first 1000 miles, through spain and now were in Morocco. We have still both got the colds we left with but at least now we are in the warmth of the sun. A good job seeing how cold the north and central plateux of Spain were. This is a little village we stopped in for cafe con leche and some grub.

We stayed in Burgos with Ana for a couple of nights. Thanks Ana for the food you sent us off with. Just finished the soup and tortilla… yummy

Then a bit of nice riding in the south of Spain, north of Gibraltar, just before getting on the boat to Tangiers.