Tangiers to Rabat

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Morrocco

Russell writes

We managed to grab a few internet minutes while waiting for our Mauritanian visas to be processed in Rabat. Both the bikes and ourselves are doing well, except we still have the snot! We were looking for somewhere to stay in Rabat, being a bit lost in a busy market sat on our bikes, Akim, a French/Moroccan doctor offered to put us up in his rented riad. He even bought us wine and fed us, amazing generosity, humbling and challenging – brilliant!

  1. Kristina says:

    You two snotty individuals! 🙂 What’s the point of being ill, when there’s no one running around you with a hot cup of tea, tucking you in bed and saying what to do to get better!? ))) Pull yourselves together boys! Love you.
    Please more pics of the journey if pos!!! kisses.


  2. Rob and Ben says:

    Hi Both ,Hope you are both well and having a good time, ..,WE are, me &Ben are in Nice, weather great and Ben just cooked an awesome meal with Fresh Muscles in Roquefort Cheese and white wine sauce. mmmmmm

    Off to Monaco tomorrow, Ben all excited, Lots of love with all the bikes around NICE, He his in His element.

    Ben is going to try his French lingo on the ladies, LOL.

    Take Care both, God Bless

    Rob and Ben V
    PS Ben wants to know how the bikes are holding out.!!!

    • frank Price says:

      Hu Russ, and Darren,

      Sounds as if the trip is going well. It is getting cold here, so envy you in the warmer climate. Hope it continues to go well. Be safe.

      God bless


    • Hey Gus A quickie cos we got to go and check out/ Water pump needed replacing on russ bike; one puncture on russ bike; broken Panniers on russ bike; bent foot clutch lever on russ bike and a broken mirror on russ bike/ my bike is fine but my mp3 plyer died. Have fun in monaco and one girl at a time remember. more info on blog to read/ stay in touch and let us know how things are going on there.

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