Rabat to Tan Tan

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Morrocco

Darren Writes on 5/11/10

Nice Frenchman put us up in his riad

Nice French man Akim, his daughter, Tia and his Riad made for a nice couple of days in Rabat whilst we were picking up visas for Mauritania. Rabat its self is not like a lot of Morocco but more formal, clean and tidy- even the souks, comparatively.

Rabat medina

Rabat coast

From there a 340 mile ride took us to a coastal village near Agadir where we camped for the night. In the morning, doing our bike checks I found Russell’s water pump seals to be leaking… Oh no… but good job we brought along a spare. Decided to get a place to stay in Tan Tan, 200 and something miles south to do the work.

Tan Tan fixing water pump

Ouch, it took us the whole day to do it , draining the oil, coolant, and removing engine cover, which was a nightmare when it came to getting the clutch back on, but we managed it in the end and instead of celebrating with a beer as we had promised ourselves, we promptly fell asleep. Today we will take on some of the pistes through Western Sahara… Here’s hoping we fixed the bike ok! No smelly feet yet but day time temp is now about 30 around here.

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