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Darren Writes 23-nov

Hi guys.. Sorry no pics this time. I haven’t really stopped to take any as we have persisted onto the Gambia to fix Russ’ bike before it explodes… BOOM! Seems like the other fork seal has gone and we’re in the process of diagnosing an over heating problem. Here we can get parts shipped to, and then there’s no stopping us!

The story so far. Weve been riding morning to night with no time to fall off. In the south of Mauritania we stopped in a village where we were put up in a communal building (a bit like a small village hall). We were entertained and supplied with endless tea and finally the best nights sleep for days.

A 60 mile track to a back water immigration post in to Senegal made the crossing a bit easier though fighting not to pay the ‘extra taxes’ still a challenge.. one we overcome most of the time. Border crossing are a pain. Leaving Mauritania we had also to wait whilst they sat around a big bowl and ate. This was the same too entering Senegal though this time we were invited to join in. Good food too. We then stayed in St louis and road to 11pm the next day to the Gambia border. Same usual stuff  and then a ferry into the capital, Banjul. We almost arrived to our camp site when Russ fell on a sandy street on top of his bad ankle. Ouch. My injuries are slowly improving but im realising it will be a while before im better. Thanks for all your prayers. I hope it’s not too cold in the UK. Till next time.