Thanks for your bithday wishes

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Africa Orbital

Guys sorry this is a general message to you all but HEY THANKS FOR ALL YOUR GREETINGS. Very nice to get… Supper

  1. rob breeze says:

    Hi Darren, Russell. Sounds and looks like you had a tough time, really pleased to see you both on Skype, The youth really enjoyed seeing you both on the big screen, glad that you were able to be a part of the night, hope you enjoyed Tims playing, AS i have said the weather here is really cold and minus tempretures, shiver Shiver, Even i have had to start to wear full warm Pijamas in Bed, I will pray for you both and i will let Ben V know about the the blog, his Internet is down,s o he cannot get on to see what is happening, Take care both sending all my love , prayers and wishes, Rob.

    I only have 7 working days left between now and chritsmas break, then i have anoth 13 days off for CHristmas, LOL, Love my days off. Enjoy the sun, Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. darren MAny Happy Returns. I pray this will be so for the rest of the journey and that you both will return full of many stories to tell.

    God is certainly answering prayers. Also He’s bringing the rigght people at the right time to you too. Friends for life now I would think..


  3. Sorry I forgot your Birthday as mine is today. Look after yourselves, enjoy the good times and take a rest now and again.


  4. Chris Moody says:

    Hi Guys
    Well done so far guys. Some very interesting photo’s. I am very jealous !!
    Had no-where to send your Birthday Card Darren.
    Look after yourselves and enjoy it all. More photo’s please.

    All the best

    Chris Moody

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