Posted: December 22, 2010 in Africa Orbital, Ghana

Russell writes 20/12/10:

Back on the road, well, more dirt track, sweat and grime encrustation! We had another big day to the border of Ghana and we were looking forward to an English speaking country! Crossing the border was again very laid back and friendly with no hassles, the benefits of choosing the more remote, smaller crossings.

Our laid back oarsman

 Camping in the bush that night we had our first camp fire and set the hammocks up, this was how to do it, and without an audience! We should write a bush camp recipe book as some of our creations really hit the spot. That night we launched into baguettes filled with tomatoes, onions, garlic, Moroccan spices, soft cheese, mayo and finally – hot dogs. Washed away with a carton of red wine! Next to our fire after a long day on the road – this was a slice of bliss!

Filtering our water


The next stop in Ghana was the Hippo sanctuary in the north-west. Here they have set up a protection area for Hippos and the smart thing we liked was that the idea was locally initiated and the money used for employment and building local roads and schools. So before 1998 there wasn’t a school, which kind of shows when you talk to some older folk (above 14 that is)! Here we stayed the night by the river at the Hippo hide and enjoyed G & T’s by the fire, no ice, but still it was nice.

Center of attention

On the road south we tried to bush camp again but were guided to a rural settlement along very narrow footpaths buy a Ghanaian who spoke no English. We turn up and are suddenly stars of the village show! So much for a quiet bush camp! They agreed to let us put up our hammocks for free, but we had to watch 3 Chuck Norris Delta Force movies with all the kids cheering at every explosion and high kick!

Some of our fans

As we travel south in Ghana we can see the countryside grow more tropical and the humidity rise, but that makes for hot work finding our way through Ghana’s second city.

We’d not washed for 4 dusty, sweaty days and our clothes for even longer, so when we turned up at our next stop we discovered our next slice of bliss – a campsite on the edge of the beautiful crater lake Bosumtwi.

A slice of bliss

 At 86 metres deep, 30 km in circumference and surrounded by tropical hills, this was a great way to relax on the way to Accra. Time for a swim.

Lake Bosumtwi

  1. You seem to be doing well. I pray that all is well with the bikes now and also your health seems to be alot better.

    We are praying that you will have a good journey to Accra and meet up with Cherith down there.

    Continue on your journey and may the Lord continue to Bless you both.

    enjoy the scenery whilst you can, many memories and stories you will bring back I believe.

    God Bless Albert & Janet

    • frank Price says:

      Hi Russ and Darren,

      Glad to see you are enjoying your trip and the simples pleasures of life such as a cold beer!

      Keep going!!

      Frank Price

  2. Chris Moody says:

    Brilliant !! No other words can describe it. A good naration Russell. Don’t ride downwind of Darren if he hasn’t washed for four days !!!
    I wish you both Happy Christmas for 2 days time. Keep the photo’s coming.
    Good Luck.

    Chris Moody

  3. Peter Jones says:

    African Orbital is delta force. Welcome to ‘ 1980’. Have a great Christmas. Peter

  4. Niki Moody says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! To you both, may this year be good to you on your travels. Please keep safe x Lots of love from all the Family. All thinking of you x

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