Posted: April 18, 2011 in Africa Orbital, South Africa Contact

Hi everyone. We are all struggling with time and internet connections still and would love to email all our friends but we write blogs when we can to communicate what were up to. Great to hear back from you too.  We’ve made it to South Africa and Kris is in the process of writing up our Namibia adventures. We wanted to call you guys when we arrived here but its an absolute fortune. However from uk to SA it not to bad. I found this company you can call us for 7p/m for you guys in the Uk:

''Make cheap phone calls to mobile phones in South Africa - just call 0871 771 7777 ,
 wait for a dialling tone, and then enter the full international mobile number in South Africa, 
that you wish to call. Calls to 0871 771 7777 are charged at 7p per minute at all times, when called
 from a UK landline.''
After the prefix continue with 00 27 837180863 Thats My S.A. Number (Darren), 0027 781646377 (Russ)
 and 00 27 732871063 (Kris)

God bless xxxxxxxxxx Namibia blog coming soon

Another option is telediscount with the pre number 0911 501 25 25. this willcost 15/min though

Cool .... Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  1. Paula Roberts says:

    Hi Darren Russell and Chris
    Good to hear you have reached South Africa half way hope the rest of your journey is easier than the first part, will keep praying especially when you get to north Africa. Hope the troubles there have died down by the time you arrive God bless you and keep you safe Love and blessings Paula

  2. Catrin T-J says:

    Hey lovely people,
    so glad your all well, still totally LOVING your blogs…simply amazing!!! 🙂
    Easter weekend and the sun may just hold out for us…Eek Im so excited!! hope the weather is being kind to you all too 🙂
    May your journey continue to be blessed and filled with all things amazing, take care, safe journey…. Happy Easter 🙂
    Hugs, Cat 🙂 xx

  3. Regine and Oliver says:

    Dear all

    I am popping up here as comments have been closed for the Namibia chapter.

    I start dreaming when I am reading about Namibia … but organized and efficient like most Germans I stop this dreaming to ask two wee questions:

    – Are you sure people can make a donation through I keep getting an error message… sad…
    – To sponsor Betesda Foundation, Galati, Romania: where to send the cheque?
    You say “please send to 15 Westbury Close, Hereford HR2 6RE” – without any receipient?

    How was Easter in South Africa? Me to I was a foreigner at Easter, in the small chapel of a small village by the name of Ödenwaldstetten. At 5 am with locals, organ music and just candles while Oliver was still in bed and had not even noticed I had left.

    Being curious let me ask for your next plans and will you stay more than 6 months altogether? Having been to Africa myself I know it can be hard to make plans, well maybe not hard to make plans but hard to stick to them!

    Anyway, where ever you go, the main thing is you beautiful people (I like that one)
    are well and safe. I am thinking of you and am wishing you a blessed journey


    • Hey you.. sorry its taken a while to get back to you. Yehh seems to be a problem with the Just Giving site. Russ has mailed them to sort it. lets see! If you want to donate to Bethseda, probably the easiest way would be to bank transfer to an account called ‘Africa Orbital’, Santander, Sort Code 09-01-27, Account number 82116909. Please leave referance of you name and ‘donatation’. These funds will all go to Bethesda. BTW looking forward to see you in Germany on our way home. Take Care xxx

      • Regine Schmid says:

        Dear Darren and Russ,

        for bank transfer to the account called ‘Africa Orbital’ I need to know the BIC and IBAN codes of the Santander bank in question. There are lots…

        for sending a cheque I need to know to whom to send the cheque? You say “please send to 15 Westbury Close, Hereford HR2 6RE” – but who is the receipient, who do you want to receive the cheque in their letter box.

        or pick up the donation yourself – you are always welcome.

        Regine and Oliver

      • If you send a cheque It should be adressed to Africa Orbital’ I dont know about the other info though. Will try to find out. It seems that the Just givving site may now be working so Kris has said. Thanks again btw

        could you send me your adress via email too me pls… Cheers and God Bless

  4. Dan Farr says:

    Hey Guys,

    Good to hear you’re doing fine over there. Finally turned the corner and heading north! Good stuff.

    Dan F

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