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Darren Writes 8th June ‘11

It’s not always easy to describe an adventure, the cultures met, the places explored, vistas and our experiences along what has been an enduring yet an incredibly rewarding challenge. More so, expressing how one feels eludes all but the most articulate of people or at least, expression in the form of words. For Russ and I, probably the greatest of our travels have been the people we have met and I was reminded recently of the joy and sadness of meeting such fantastic people, to share unforgettable times but to then move on as our journey compelled us. We have now left South Africa, have travelled through Swaziland, and are now climbing our way north, up the coast of Mozambique. From Pretoria (near Jo’burg), over the last two days, as my odometer clicked onwards, I couldn’t help to feel simultaneously that joy and sadness.  Ok, so most people I have liked in South Africa, but some people I like more… like the ones you feel like you’ve known all your life and they don’t need to articulate with words. We don’t know if we will see any of these great people again. I would hope so but if not there is plenty of room left in our memories… or at least until we will turn old and senile.

So this is a precursor of our journey to date but written as a salute to the most  friendliest/beautiful people met on our Journey from Cape Town to Pretoria. Cheers guys!

Next blog update soon.. Maybe will be Russ as I have some scuba plans tomorrow… Will still sort out the pics though!