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Belated birthday message for Russ

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Belated birthday wishes from friends in Hereford! We had an amazing bbq last Saturday to celebrate your birthday… and Russ, your Mum’s birthday cake, which she made for you tasted lush!!!


Malambe Camp. meters from a swim

Darren Write 29.06.11 pics by darren except the nice veiw

Leaving the coast and Mozambique’s beaches and warm sea, we rode a steady and continuous pace, managing to cross into Zimbabwe the same day. We were only going to Harare for one thing. It was quite a detour to our original route but we would find there, an embassy of Ethiopia and the only one, other than in Cairo, reputed to issue visas to non-residents of the host county. Disappointment was met though, at the consular department, when we were once again turned down. Such a detour and such a waste of time and money.

Passing back through Mozambique

So on we continued, back into Mozambique, over the Zambezi, a bush camp and another steady day across the Malawi border and to Cape Maclear.

Laundry on the lakeside

Cape Maclear is a small national park at the bottom of Africa’s 3rdlargest and cleanest lake, Lake Malawi.

Pic by Russ from atop tof the hill behind

It was time for a short break after several 300 mile days and few enduring border crossings. We checked out a couple of places at which we could camp and settled, not at any of the best appearing ones, but at one where we felt hospitality was genuine. Thanks to Tracy and her mum, we were made to feel more than just welcome at Malambe Camp/lodge, but more like friends. Laundry and the normal chores were caught up on and then some time to relax!

the kids catch for the day

We hired a dugout canoe, the most uncomfortable one I believe to have ever been carved. Yet it was great to be out on the beautiful lake, paddling a couple of km’s to a nearby island. Snorkelling and free diving there was joy amongst the myriad of colourful, endemic fish.

Takes Balance

Back on the bikes and 300miles later we arrived to the northern part of the lake. The journey, as in the south of Malawi was as if we were travelling through one long village. Along the side of the road people walked, women with their buckets of water on their heads, men cycling with stacks of fire wood 2m high and the children playing and waving with big smiles as we passed by.

Wishing we had more time to enjoy Lake Malawi, we camped overnight only, before pressing on to the Tanzanian border…Completely unaware of the events that were to follow!

Athe present time we are in Tanzania and have had a challenging week. Some of you guys will know some of it already.. Will write it up soon. Now I will go and help get our bikes on a truck for the 2 day trip to Dar es Salem where we will hopfully find somewhere, where we can fix them!…