Russell writes 11/10/11:

At the moment we only have 4 days left on our Sudanese visa, parts still in customs, ferry tickets to Saudi but no visa. Hopefully all this will change tomorrow, in fact I’m sure everything will work out, even if we had to back-track to Ethiopia for a while. The plan is to collect the parts from customs in the morning, we said it would be a wrestle, it was a 3 day wrestle with multiple layers of bureaucracy, inefficient staff and a labyrinth of offices. And that doesn’t nearly describe the hasstle it’s been in this heat. Next, fit the parts, pack, collect Saudi visa and leave in the evening for a night under the stars between pyramids. The next section will be a bit of a blur as we race the clock through Saudi, 900 miles in 3 days. I will look forward to soaking my sore bits in the sea at Aqaba, Jordan, for a couple of days while Darren goes diving. We are both really looking forward to the Middle Eastern leg of our adventure, with it’s many trials and complete unknowns still to overcome. We’re coming home, slowly but surely.

Saudi visa was initially turned down on the basis of us having mortorcycles. We have therefore, with the use of a pc, printer, a pair of scissors, a pritt stick and a photocopier, turned our motorcycles into a pair of BMW 316i’s. Hoping to get the visa. Hoping not to get into trouble landing in Jeddah.. We will let you know when we land in Jordan!~

  1. malcolm (dad) says:

    hey boys.
    malc loulou and the three terrors.
    missing you in Tanzania.
    mama wishes you boys all the very best.
    i have many telling me they are following you now.
    i love the pics and pls keep em coming.
    the visa issue will be easy.. tie the bikes together and stick tape all over them.. tell them its a new bmw testing for top gear..
    others seem to do it..
    god speed boys.
    love (dad)

    • Hey… Missing you guys tooo.. We got the Visa for Saudi.. Good news! But on the way there my piston broke so we had to truck my bike back to Khartoum. Not such a great place like yours for mechanics and, of course having your mind for sme diognostic help but hey, we’ll deal with whatever this trip throws at us. Say hi to those terrors, Loulou and Mama.. All the best Darren

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