The moment we left ..24th Oct 2010

Swimming through the Congo

One year, today, we left Hereford and headed for the dark continent expecting to travel around it and return via the middle east it in about 8 months. Well here we still are and as the cold sets in over the U.K. we seek shade in the mid 40 degrees in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum. And being Sudan, a nice bottle of wine to toast the occasion is probably not going to happen. Have one for us!

Horizon to Horizon.. we've never seen the stars so bright


In one year we have travelled 23,400 miles across 26 African countries and 2 European. Off road, dirt tracks, desert dunes, good and bad tar and the occasional swamps have been our route . Through the Sahara, through the tropical rain forests of Gabon and the Congo’s, over mountains and ranges above 3000 metres, crossed rivers by canoes and rode savannahs vast and wide. We have seen Cobra to Black Pantha, Cheetah to scorpions and  gorillas too amongst other very varied animals of the African wildlife. We’ve crashed slowly and fast more times than I care to remember and injures have included bones broken like ankles and ribs, sternum  and shoulder. Malaria has visited a couple of times as did typhoid. We have most likely and regrettably forgotten more people than we remember but those that we do will linger in our memories and have been an encouragement to our trip. Weve seen stars from horizon to horizon and looked into a breathing volcano. An array of visas and cultures have graced our journey around every corner as have spanner days and breakdowns.

We could do with a decent peice of meat

From here we will soon head for the Red Sea, Saudi and the Middle East. This will be the second attempt to escape Khartoum after the first was halted by a broken piston and cylinder. From there the plan stands to be Jordan to Israel and then shipping into Europe, maybe Italy. With Syrian borders closed and Iraqi visas illusive to tourists this remains our only way home but the short cut should bring us to our families and friends for Christmas.

Spectacular veiws along the way



Tequila to Turkey roast is the adventure awaiting! We look forward to seeing all you peoples at home and some of our new friends we have made on the way.

  1. Regine a d says:

    Darren, Russel, we are saying hello from Aka Hill House north of Chiang Rai in Thailand. Please, think it over again: Easter in Germany – an option? What I am trying to say: We will be back a few days after Easter, on the 16th of April an would like to see and FEED you at our place.

    We hope so much you keep smiling and are having a safe trip.

    And up to now, we think, you had. So keep up the good work 🙂

    Oliver and Regine after a day hiking in the jungle, catching fish with their hands and cooking in bamboo sticks (=happy)

    Pls take care

    • Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun. Tell me how asia compares to Ghana. More mechanical issues mean there could be a possibility of easter in Germany but really trying for chrismas in uk. enjoy your thai travels GBU

  2. quinta5sa says:

    Happy anniversary you two and well done on your achievements so far. Looking forward to you finishing safe and sound. Love and light

  3. quinta5sa says:

    oeps forget to say it was from Rizel…

  4. Niiki says:

    Guys you’re doing soooooo well and you’ve overcome so many struggles and I have no doubt that you will continue to triumph over any further difficulties! Please be reassured that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily and will continue to be until you return home safely.

  5. Kelly Hatch says:

    Congratulations guys! I can only imagine how tired you both must be. I know things come along that brighten the energy over and over again, and I wish you the best on the rest of this epic journey. Keep on keeping on!

  6. ana hermosilla says:

    Hi there guys

    Congratulations on your aniversary. So looking forward to see you soon .

    Do you have any planns on where you will be spending Xsmas this year¿?
    Lots of huggs

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