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Posted: April 18, 2011 in Africa Orbital, South Africa Contact

Hi everyone. We are all struggling with time and internet connections still and would love to email all our friends but we write blogs when we can to communicate what were up to. Great to hear back from you too.  We’ve made it to South Africa and Kris is in the process of writing up our Namibia adventures. We wanted to call you guys when we arrived here but its an absolute fortune. However from uk to SA it not to bad. I found this company you can call us for 7p/m for you guys in the Uk:

''Make cheap phone calls to mobile phones in South Africa - just call 0871 771 7777 ,
 wait for a dialling tone, and then enter the full international mobile number in South Africa, 
that you wish to call. Calls to 0871 771 7777 are charged at 7p per minute at all times, when called
 from a UK landline.''
After the prefix continue with 00 27 837180863 Thats My S.A. Number (Darren), 0027 781646377 (Russ)
 and 00 27 732871063 (Kris)

God bless xxxxxxxxxx Namibia blog coming soon

Another option is telediscount with the pre number 0911 501 25 25. this willcost 15/min though

Cool .... Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh