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Boredom in the frying pan. We’ve been a month in Sudan, mostly in Khartoum. At last, this morning the call from DHL wakes us and informs us of our awaited delivery. A part for Russ’ bike; a sensor that will control the fuel injection. Alas the second-hand part came broken and with no time left to wait, there is no decision to make but to head for Saudi and Jordan on a wing and a prayer. We think the bike will make it but our concerns are still residing on the moment we hit Immigration in Saudi. Saudi is darn near impossible to get a visa for and ours is a 3 day transit. One which is not allocated to persons travelling by motorcycle but acquired with a little imagination saving the alternative of life in the oven of Sudan or a flight home (Egypt not a possibility as we don’t have the appropriate paperwork).

So we are now packed and ready and are just about to take to the road which I am very happy about. Our hopes and prayers are now lying in what awaits us across the Red Sea and for which I admit I am somewhat nervous about. One week and we will be in Jordan.We hope. We’ll let you know! There wont be a blog ‘Into the fire’