The journey

  1. Russ this is amazing!!!!!! I had no idea. You will be great at this – and what a fab charity too. Plus we are blog buddies!! x

  2. Keith says:

    Hi Darren, Kris found my number and let me know what you are up to (you met me on the ferry to morocco last year/i was on a tdm and got to the sahara in the end) how jelous am I now!!! good luck I will be watching your progress, im now wondering did you take the suzuki so better go and rewad your web page.. . keep in touch.

  3. ben says:

    hello both hope you are on the mend and the bikes too! happy birthday to you Darren, big birthday hug!!! we have had minus 10 regularly at ni9ghts and some day still below zero so at least you in the warm, infact in your life time you will be one summer better off if you know what i mean how cool is that. im looking forward to the next update and pics when you get time Gods best toyou both, Ben.

  4. Ben & Wibke says:

    hi guys, we never did meet you 2 again but we made it to Namibia with the dog “Niger” and are now both back in Europe. had some great times on the oad and also some hardcore off-roading in Congo & DRC.

    all the best


    • Hi guys, wow that was quick! We’ve just left Brazza with other overlanders waiting up to a week to get acorss! We went on passenger ferry no probs. Good to hear you got through ok, keep an eye on our blog and enjoy the photo’s. Take care, Russ

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