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Burkina Faso

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Africa Orbital, Burkina Faso

Russell writes 19/12/10:

Back on the road

After our stop-over in Bamako it felt good to be on the road again and away from the craziness of a big African city. With some good roads to the border and some very laid back, friendly border controls we were over in a day and heading down a dirt track to our eastern BF campment by night fall. Arriving to our campsite tired and dusty we were greeted warmly and offered solar power chilled beers! The simple things are becoming such treats!   

A change of scene

We were in this region of BF as a Brit called Elizabeth we’d met in Bamako recommended we see this area, and we were keen not to just ride straight through a country only to see roadside.

Troglodyte village

Banfora Cascada

Sindu Peaks

So we enjoyed a few days going to the tourist sights and finding some time to relax. There was an old abandoned Troglodyte village up in the only large hill for miles, you could see Cote d’Ivoire and Mali from here. They had built a village under enormous cliffs and fashioned dwellings and food storage out of mud wrapped round sticks in the shape of domes. Sindu peaks was our next tourist stop. This is a national park home to a ridge of rocks with lovely stack formations and great views across the plains, which are now growing ever greener.

Banfora Domes

Our final stop in BF was at the beautiful Cascada or water falls near Banfora. Here we relaxed for a couple of days to enjoy a shower in the water falls and take a hike to see some pre-historic looking dome rock formations.