The Charities (Donate here)

Betesda Foundation, Galati, Romania

This charity runs a boys home for 30 boys and a girls home for 13-15 girls as well as a day center for 45 street children or children from poor families and single parents who cannot cope. Children come to the day care centre for a shower, change of clothes, breakfast before going off to school. The day centre also offers education for the children until 4 pm when they have to return to their homes or the street. The boys and girls home is residential up until the age of 18. These children are educated and cared for as a family with the chance of an apprenticeship at the age of 17 where hopefully they will be able to find a job and leave the orphanage.

If you want to sponsor us by donating to this charity, please write a cheque payable to either ‘CLC’ or ‘Africa Orbital’, with Africa Orbital and your details including your email written on the back. Please send to ”15 Westbury Close, Hereford HR2 6RE”. A big big thanks from us and the street kids

Send a Cow –

This charity works in 7 countries in Africa helping rural communities use their natural resources wisely to build thriving mixed crop-livestock farming systems. This includes training in natural – or organic – farming; and in livestock care. Where necessary, they provide good quality animals, seeds and tools to get families started.

“This year, we will help almost 16,000 families along on their journey out of poverty. Each of those will go on to lend a hand to an average of 10 further families, restoring real hope to communities in rural Africa.”

If you want to sponsor us by donating to this charity, please go to Easy!

  1. Namibia seeems a nice place, unfortunately the bikes break down again and later again.
    If Kris thought the bikes looked a mess then I suppose they were and still are. The must be going on a wing and a prayer. I’m glad you you tend to meet up with good folk who always seem to come to the rescue in the nick of time.

    Don’t see that it was a holiday you were on, sure the countryside, mountains and valleys s well as sand dunes etc. must have been something awesome to behold.

    I bet the wild life is good and that the animals think you are the wildlife as you go through their territory.

    Seems as though you have a treasure hunt for petrol stations etc along the way.

    Anyhow it is gret to receive the blogs and to be able to follow you all the way.

    Keep pushing on (Sometimes quite literally).

    I’m sure our prayers are keeping you on the road and as for the bikes I on’t know what to say. According to Kris’ comments they are held together by sealing wax and string or something along those lines.

    Well keep up the good work for this project and we will see you again anytime between June and December.

    Look after yourselves and the Lord Guide you and keep you in every situation you come across.


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