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Leaving Party

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Blogs Before we go

One for the road!

Sending off

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Blogs Before we go
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1 week to go and today was our last family service at CLC, our church, and a fantastic sending off. Thank you Frank, Tim and other yous for your preyer and thanks loads to Lynn for fantastic going away meal raising 185GBP for fuel. Lots of pledges for donations to our charities so thanks loads to you guys too. Went over to Ben Voddens after who is creating bling fuel carriers cheers mate and other Ben for all your hard work with various things. Alberts been a star dealing with charity and finance and will be selling Africa Orbital shirts. Should you want one of these ask him for your size and colour. 1 week lefts… lots and lots more to do but getting really excited. Kristina is putting our 1st aid kit together at mo…. shes a star!

Darren Writes

Hi everyone, time is fast approaching our leaving date (24th Oct) and were going to party! Its going to be at my place and you’re welcome.. Bring a drink and lots of laughs. Will be on Friday 22nd Oct. If you don’t know where I live call/text me on 07974 199431. See you there!


Posted: October 1, 2010 in Blogs Before we go

I’m working out how to use this blog site and it’s giving me a headache


Posted: September 23, 2010 in Blogs Before we go
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We have a date to leave… Setting sail from plymouth on 24th October. Looking forward to it. Russ and I still have a lot of prep to do and fundraising too. We will be having a leaving party on the 22nd.. all welcome. Not sure if it will be at Russ’ or mine yet. Will let you know.

Just giving site

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Blogs Before we go

Ok at last we have a just giving site to donate to ”Send a Cow” check it out Thanks to everyone who so far have given to our charitys.

More good news.. Russ has fixed his bent sub frame and can now put the panniers on.. Yippy

It will be great when we’ve actually started our trip and we can report some more exciting stuff other than sub frames!

Building the bikes

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Blogs Before we go

Seems to be a little while since I was last here.. and I have so much more organizing of this site to do. I’ll do that later I think.. We’ve been hard at preparing the bikes….

Heres me drilling our new touratech panniers to fit our frames


Oh dear, Russ has discovered his panniers frame wont fit.. Ouch, the sub frame is bent!

Let me see what I can do

Russ asks Bonnie for a hand… Shes offers a paw!

Then things started to get really tricky so we thought we better call in some professional help! They had their own bikes too

Ok Russ couldn’t get his pannier rack on but did put his centrestand, bash plate, crash bars etc and  I was super happy with my new panniers

Also, Albert has just about sorted the bank account … Well done Albert.

Ive had some great donations from my customers… so thanks to all of you kind people.

And work for me is going to be less hectic in a couple of weeks time so I’ll be able to put more and more in to the trip and fund raising.

We thought we might need a bit of practice off road… Cross over the mountains around Elan Valley and decided Yep, We’re really going to need sadle time. Lots of practice picking the bikes from the floor and pulling them out of bogs!

Seting up

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Blogs Before we go

Hi everyone.
I’m setting up a blog so those of you who want to can follow Russ’ and Darrens charity trip around Africa. We’re raising cash for a couple of charities.. ‘Betesda Foundation’, supporoting Romanian street kids and ‘Sen a cow’, helping African villagers. More details coming soon.
So follow our trip as we up date. 6 months dozons of countries and countlesss adventures
Africa Orbital- Uk to Cape Town down the west coast and back up the east coast in to middle east and to Romania and home.
Enjoy.. We will!